123 Factory
123 Factory
123 Factory
123 Factory
123 Factory

123 Factory

Included! This game is already included with TekyGo! Plus

Baby Roo and his friends go on a school field trip to the candy factory! In each level, you will learn to count to 20 by playing multiplayer mini-games such as filling a gumball machine with gumballs, filling a rocket with rocket fuel, or compete against your friend in a race to see who can collect 20 candies first!

*Digital Download*. To connect the game to the TekyGo! Portal please visit:  TekyGo! FAQ


Item Description
Activity Level High
Learning Objectives Counting principles
Number of Players 1-2
Languages English
Supported Hardware Junior Bouncer
What it includes
  • Digital Download of ABC Factory compatible for the TekyGo! Junior Bouncer