Bao Bao & Bunny
Bao Bao & Bunny
Bao Bao & Bunny
Bao Bao & Bunny
Bao Bao & Bunny

Bao Bao & Bunny

Included! This game is already included with TekyGo! Plus

Follow Bao Bao and his plush toy, Bunny, through their daily lives and help them complete chores, cooking, and gardening! Children can play along with household activities while learning about words and numbers!

This game is included and pre-installed with any purchase of the TekyGo! Plus Junior Bouncer Bundle, TekyGo! Plus Portal + Sensor Bundle or TekyGo! Plus Portal.


Item Description
Activity Level Medium - High
Learning Objectives Counting, Word Association, Friendship
Number of Players 1
Languages English
Supported Hardware Junior Bouncer
What it includes
  • Digital Download of Bao Bao and Bunny compatible for the TekyGo! Junior Bouncer