TekyGo! Fit
TekyGo! Fit
TekyGo! Fit
TekyGo! Fit

TekyGo! Fit

Included! This game is already included with TekyGo! Plus

Time to get active Go-Getters! TekyGo! Fit is the newest game to release all the active energy in your little ones! With your Squeezie, follow TekyGo! and power through the Teky exercises!

The more you move the higher your score! Complete each level and earn your achievement badges!

*This game is compatible with the TekyGo! Squeezie* 

*Digital Download*. To connect the game to the TekyGo! Portal please visit:  TekyGo! FAQ


Item Description
Activity Level High
Learning Objectives Exercise, Fitness
Number of Players 1-2
Languages English
Supported Hardware Squeezies
What it includes
  • Digital Download of TekyGo! Fit compatible for the TekyGo! Squeezies