ABC Factory
ABC Factory
ABC Factory
ABC Factory
ABC Factory

ABC Factory

Included! This game is already included with TekyGo! Plus

Join Bao Bao and Bunny as they visit the ABC Factory where letters are turned into words and different animals! Use the TekyGo! Junior Bouncer to select letters and start the ABC Factory machines. You'll be challenged to see if you can remember what letter your selected animal begins with. Get ready to learn the ABC's!

This game is included and pre-installed with any purchase of the TekyGo! Plus Junior Bouncer BundleTekyGo! Plus Portal + Sensor Bundle or TekyGo! Plus Portal.


Item Description
Activity Level Medium
Learning Objectives Spelling and phonetics instruction
Number of Players 1
Languages English
Supported Hardware Junior Bouncer
What it includes
  • Digital Download of ABC Factory compatible for the TekyGo! Junior Bouncer