About TekyGo!

Motivated by the rise of stay-at-home learning due to the recent pandemic, UNIS Technology invested in TekyGo! as an interactive gaming platform, designed to support physical activity and developmental learning for children ages 2-6. TekyGo! is a unique console that integrates arcade technology with children’s exercise toys; also known as “exergaming”!

Due to the pandemic, the sales of traditional children’s toys have increased to provide kids with entertainment while being stuck at home. TekyGo! transforms these traditional toys to a compatible accessory for our console made for learning and active play.

With TekyGo!, a sedentary lifestyle with screens transforms to a fun-filled active one, encouraging the development of gross motor, language and STEM skills. Our expanding TekyGo! Game Library combines motion-activated play with creative storytelling, empowering children around the globe as they embark on grand adventures with our robot mascot, Teky!

About UNIS Technology

UNIS Technology Ltd. is a multinational developer and manufacturer of coin-operated games. With nearly 30 years of industry experience, UNIS is one of the leaders in the “pay to play” business and has launched numerous titles for the amusement industry worldwide. UNIS has shipped to over 70+ countries with offices around the globe. Their slogan—Fun Is Universal—embodies their commitment to deliver games that are fun for everyone and will empower the future generation.

Our Mission

TekyGo! is the new gaming console for interactive learning and motion-activated play. We believe in the importance of creating a platform that combines education, physical activity, and creative storytelling! TekyGo! combats boredom in children from ages 2-6, creating an opportunity for a fun-active relationship with screens. Through our TekyGo! games and products we empower the younger generation by encouraging them to move, play and learn!

What is TekyGo! Plus

TekyGo! Plus is our newest plug and play version of our TekyGo! Plus Portal console for an interactive playing and learning platform. Each TekyGo! Plus Portal comes with pre-installed 10 FREE TekyGo! Plus Games. No subscriptions nor Wi-Fi are needed*.

*No Wi-fi needed to play the 10 free pre-installed games only. Downloading newly purchased games and activating them to your TekyGo! Plus Portal will require Wi-fi.

With TekyGo! Plus, register your business/company to become a TekyGo! Plus Partner. A TekyGo! Plus Partner will allow your company/business to work closely with us on the expansion of TekyGo! around the world! This includes retailers, distribution companies, FEC centers, or any company in the children’s entertainment industry. Becoming a TekyGo! Plus Partner will allow the purchase of our hardware accessories, merchandise, and games for your company to sell, operate, deal or distribute with consumers around the world.

Become a TekyGo! Plus Partner by filling our registration form, and one of our TekyGo! Team members will reach out shortly.