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    TekyGo! Plus Partnership

  • What's the difference between TekyGo! And TekyGo! Plus?

    TekyGo! Plus features a new plug and play platform. Each new TekyGo! Plus Portal is pre-downloaded with 10 TekyGo! Games designed exclusively for TekyGo! Gameplay. Simply plug the TekyGo! Plus Portal to your TV, and start playing!
    No subscriptions nor download necessary!

  • What is a TekyGo! Plus Partner?

    A TekyGo! Plus Partner will allow your company to work closely with us on the expansion of TekyGo! around the world! This includes retailers, distribution companies, FEC Centers or any company in the children entertainment industry.

    Becoming a TekyGo! Plus Partner will allow the purchase of our hardware, accessories, merch, and games for your company to sell, operate, deal or distribute with consumers all around the world.

  • How do I become a TekyGo! Plus Partner?

    To register simply click the sign up button at the top right corner of the page, put in your email and select business to fill out the TekyGo! Plus Partner registration. Once your registration form is submitted, our representatives will review and verify all the info.

    If your company is accepted, they will be sent an invitation to become one of our partners through email. by 2-7 business days.

  • I have filled out a form, but I haven’t received a response back?

    Please allow 2-7 business days for us to review your form. Depending on the volume of requests we receive, it might take a bit longer to get back to you. Please also double check all folders in your email including spam, junk and promotions.

    If you have not received response by 8 business days, please email our TekyGo! Customer Care Team by email, tekygolive@tekygo.com or by calling 1-855-507-9303 (9-5pm EST).

  • I have received the invitational link, now what should I do?

    Congratulations on becoming a TekyGo! Plus Partner! On your invitational email, please click on the secure link to create your TekyGo! Plus Profile and password. Once your profile has been made, simply log in back to our website and start purchasing your products.

  • I have filled the contact form with the wrong contact info. What should I do?

    If you have made a mistake or need to update your contact form, please contact our TekyGo! Customer Care Team by email, tekygolive@tekygo.com or by call 1-855-507-9303 (9-5pm EST).

  • Shipping/Order FAQ

  • When do I get the tracking number?

    Please allow 1-5 business days for your package to be prepared and shipped. Once it has been shipped you will receive a tracking number sent to your email. If you have not received a tracking number within 7 business days, please contact our TekyGo! Customer Care Team by phone: 1-855-507-9303 (9-5 pm EST) or by email: tekygolive@tekygo.com.

  • Where do we ship? How long would delivery take?

    Currently, TekyGo! Plus offers shipping to continental USA and Canada only. If you are from Hawaii, Alaska or an international country and interested in TekyGo! Plus please contact us for more information!
    Domestic shipping in North America on average takes 2-14 business days once the package has been dispatched from our warehouse.
    Please note delivery times are subject to changes based on volume of order, weather, delays, and holiday hours.

  • Can I cancel my order?

    To cancel your order please contact our TekyGo! Customer Care Team by phone: 1-855-507-9303 (9-5pm EST) or by email: tekygolive@tekygo.com before your order has been shipped.
    If you have received a shipping notification and a tracking number already, we will wait for your products to be delivered and prepare you a return label instead.

  • What happens if my package gets lost, arrived damaged, or doesn’t arrive?

    If you suspect your package has been lost or did not arrive, please contact our TekyGo! Customer Care Team by phone: 1-855-507-9303 (9-5pm EST) or by email: tekygolive@tekygo.com and provide us your order number.

    If your product(s) arrives damaged or some item(s) appears to be missing, please contact our TekyGo! Customer Care Team providing your order number and a picture of the order, and we will do our best to accommodate.

  • Warranty/Refunds FAQ

  • What is your warranty policy?

    With every purchase, your products are covered by warranty for one year from your delivery date. Please contact our TekyGo! Customer Care Team by phone: 1-855-507-9303 (9-5 pm EST) or by email: tekygolive@tekygo.com to make a warranty request.

    Please note: Mishandling of the product or misuse of the product may void a warranty request. Our products are not meant for outdoor use. Please refer to our product’s instructional guide before handling.

  • What is your refund policy?

    If you are not satisfied with your TekyGo! products or accessories, you can request to refund your order within 30 days from your delivery date. Please refer to our refund policy page for more information.

    For game licenses, we do not accept refunds. Please ensure your order is accurate before purchasing.

  • Product FAQ

  • What's the difference between the TekyGo! Plus Junior Bouncer Bundle and the Portal + Sensor Bundle?

    The Junior Bouncer bundle comes with our Junior Bouncer children's trampoline accessory that is compatible to play along with our game library. The bundles also contain the TekyGo! Plus Portal and Trampoline Sensor, everything that is needed to get you started.
    If you already have a children’s trampoline, the TekyGo! Plus Portal + Trampoline Sensor Bundle will transform any brand of children’s trampoline into a compatible accessory for the TekyGo! Portal.

  • What is the weight and age limit for the Junior Trampoline?

    The blue TekyGo! Junior trampoline has a weight limit of 35kg (77 lbs) aimed at children around 2-6 years old. The green Junior Trampoline has a weight limit of 25kg (55 lbs). For children that are above the weight limit, we recommend purchasing the TekyGo! Portal + Trampoline Sensor bundle instead to use with another brand’s indoor trampoline.

  • Is our Junior Bouncer safe for toddlers?

    Yes, designed for children ages 2-6 years old, our TekyGo! Junior Bouncer trampoline features soft fabrics and a safety bar. Children are able to hold onto the safety bar to avoid tripping and falling.

    For children under five years of age, an adult must be present for supervision. Children must also be tall enough to hold the bar in order to play.

  • Can the products be used outdoors?

    No, none of our TekyGo! products are suitable for outdoor use.

    Bringing the products outside can result in the product having water/environmental damage. Please note: any damage resulting from outdoor use can void the product’s warranty.

  • Can the TekyGo! Plus Portal be used with any TV monitor?

    The TekyGo! Plus Portal is compatible with any TV screen or computer screen with an HDMI port. HDMI ports are usually found in the back, side, or bottom of a TV monitor. Please refer to your TV’s instructional guide if you are unable to locate an HDMI port.

  • Do the products include games?

    For every product bundle, 10 pre-installed TekyGo! Games are included with your purchase. For more information on the 10 pre-installed games please click here to be redirected to our Digital Games page.

    Additional games can also be bought on our website for $12.99 CAD/9.99 USD each. Please visit our game library page for more information.

  • Do you have multiplayer games?

    Yes, we do! Our multiplayer games can be played with up to 2 players! Please refer to our game library page to find out which games can be played with multiplayer.

    Please note to play multiplayer you must have two TekyGo! Trampoline Sensors with two trampolines.

  • How do I purchase additional TekyGo! Plus Games?

    Additional TekyGo! Plus Games can be purchased within our Digital Games Page. Simply make a TekyGo! Plus Family or Business Account, purchase your game and link your Portal to your account using your Account Code.

    Please note: each purchased additional game can only be used once and connected to one TekyGo! Plus Portal. For ex: If you buy 50 TekyGo! Plus Portals you must buy 50 of each additional game(s) for each Portal.

  • How to Link My New TekyGo! Plus Games

    For Family Accounts: Please visit TekyGo! Plus FAQ
    For Business Accounts: Please contact tekygolive@tekygo.com